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Perry Hiiman | Easy Smart Home Solutions

Posted on March 20 2018

The smart home market is on a significant upward trend, with no signs of slowing down. What was once “cool” additions to your home are now becoming a must-have for today’s lifestyle. Below are[...]

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2018

The kitchen backsplash is perhaps one of the most overworked and under-thanked parts of your home. It has the important job of protecting your walls from splashes of water that naturally come when[...]

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Perry Hiiman | Yelpers Vote for NYKB


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Perry Hiiman | Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Perry Hiiman | How to Design a Contemporary Kitchen

A stranger walks into my showroom, marvels at our kitchen designs and sparks up a conversation with one of our kitchen designers. At first the client seems a little hesitant to disclose too much[...]

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Perry Hiiman | Installing a Large Kitchen Countertop Without Seams in NYC

Living in Manhattan has it's challenges. We tend to live in smaller apartments, surrounded by a lot of neighbors and have to face many  inconvenienmces that most Americans will never have to face. 

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Perry Hiiman | NYKB Welcomes Showplace Cabinetry to the Team!

I am extremely excited to introduce Showplace Cabinetry to our New York City Showroom. The main reason why I am thrilled to work with Showplace is their commitment to “invest in the products they[...]

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Perry Hiiman | Lighting Options for Your NYC Renovation

I have been renovating homes throughout New York City with my company NYKB Kitchen & Bath for many, many years. Whether I’m meeting with a client in a small apartment in Manhattan, a brownstone in[...]

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Perry Hiiman | Kids Safety Features to Consider when Remodeling Your NYC Apartment

Posted on August 6 2017

Safety is a major priority when it comes to our children, and the idea of being proactive with regards to their well-being should always extend into the home, where there can often be unforeseen[...]

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Perry Hiiman | Storage Options for Your NYC Kitchen

Posted on July 14 2017

In a previous blog post, I mentioned some general ways to maximize space in your kitchen. This is especially important in NYC, where the average kitchen is often smaller than it would be in the[...]

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